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16 March 2015

Secrets Your Favorite Spa in Miami Knows About Treating Cellulite

Cellulite is still a skin issue that makes us want to run for the hills because it’s so dreadfully stubborn! Although you might think that you’re stuck with it, however, this is not true! Here are some secrets beauty therapists know about effective cellulite treatment.

If you have cellulite you’re part of the 98 percent of women who also do. Chances are you’ve tried lots of different creams and therapies without having much success. But that’s because such ‘solutions’ often focus on cellulite as being a cosmetics problem. The truth is it’s not a surface skin problem at all: cellulite originates from deeper in the body. The good news is that it can be treated at its foundation.


Why Circulation is So Important

Cellulite is best alleviated with beneficial spa treatments that help to make your skin feel refreshed while encouraging the body to break down cellulite. Boosting the body’s circulation is required to achieve this. If you don’t have enough circulation to a specific area of your body, then cellulite can be encouraged to form there. Better circulation gets more oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin so that it can be stronger and more resilient to sagging or lumpy effects.

You can improve circulation by limiting alcohol and quitting smoking as these bad habits constrict blood vessels and hamper blood flow. Get regular exercise to get your blood pumping all over your body.

Don’t Forget About Your Lymphatic System!

By keeping your lymphatic system in great condition, you can prevent and improve cellulite. This is because if there is not enough lymph circulation to your skin’s last layer, fat cells can become stiff and skin tissues start to lose their strength. Instead of the lymph system taking fluids away from the body, they then remain there. Less circulation will further weaken the blood vessels, so that blood has to find a new way around the area where cellulite has started to form.


You can encourage healthy lymph flow by using a natural bristle brush on your skin. Move it around in upward circular patterns from your feet to your chest. By directing this flow towards the heart you’re encouraging circulation because the lymph flows in the same direction. You can also book a Toxin-Releasing Lymphatic Massage to keep your lymphatic system running smoothly.

Choose Cellulite-Busting Ingredients

Some cellulite creams are more effective than others. What ingredients should you be looking for in a product? These are some of the best ones:

  • Caffeine

Applying caffeine topically helps to ease the appearance of cellulite because it widens blood vessels and boosts circulation. This also has the effect of temporarily tightening the skin’s tissues. Anti-cellulite products that contain guarana can be beneficial because this seed is high in caffeine.

  • Witch Hazel

This herb is beneficial to cellulite because it contains antioxidants called flavonoids. These fight free radicals that can lead to sagging or aged skin, while also strengthening blood vessels.

  • Soy Extract

Collagen plays an important role in fighting cellulite. Think of it as a primary structural element of the skin, much like pillars holding everything together. When collagen gets damaged, it falls apart and skin can no longer support itself. This is what causes healthy skin to look lumpy or wobbly.

Using anti-cellulite creams that support collagen with ingredients such as soy extract helps to strengthen these ‘pillars’ so that they maintain a strong and healthy structure. Besides for fighting cellulite, collagen also maintains the youthful elasticity of your skin.


Knowing what ingredients you should be using on your skin helps you eliminate cellulite more effectively. You should also book a cellulite slimness treatment to help your body fight off cellulite through better circulation. When summer strikes, you’ll be able to wear your bikini in Miami with pride.


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